02 June 2009

H A L O - H O L G A !

this afternoon ive chatting with my friend on ym..
she said the stopmotion at youtube is very great.
and then, i remember something.
yea my stopmotion!
The story is, when i bought a Holga 120CFN in November 2007
from seller in Bandung.
The package of my holga has just arrived at my home.
so, i do it. just for fun before i open the package. :D

Say Halo to my first Holga.

H A L O !

Stop Motion by : Me
Song by : Pooh



holga baruuuwww

Anis Wuku said...

lucu banget pi....gmn TA lo???lancar????

Contact : +628561073753 , nalaatmowiloto@gmail.com said...

mantab.. niat2.. ahahaa..

Miss T said...

so cute hehe